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Overseas Drivers

How to get your driver's licence in Western Australia

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Do I need to get a WA driver's licence if I’m just visiting, working or studying?

No WA Licence is required. Unless your overseas licences expire. Then you will need to obtain a WA licence.


If I come to WA to live?

If you have held a permanent visa for three months or more whilst residing in WA, you must apply for a WA licence. The requirements for a WA driver’s licence will depend on what country your overseas driver’s licence is from.


If you are under 25 years of age?

If you are from a non-recognised country or an experienced driver from a recognised country, you must sit and pass a theory test and pass a practical driving assessment.


If you are under 19 years of age?

Or have not held your overseas licence for a period of two years or periods adding up to two years you will be issued a provisional licence. (L Plates process)


I am 25 years of age or older?

If your driver licence is issued by an experienced driver recognised country and you are 25 years of age or older, WA will recognise your overseas driving experience. This only applies to vehicle classes C and R (if held) Upon application for the grant of a WA driver's licence you will be exempt from the theory and practical assessments (car and motorcycle only), provided your overseas driver licence has not expired by more than 12 months.


Visiting from interstate?

If you are visiting Western Australia from another Australian state or territory, you may use your existing driver's licence or learner's permit for the period you are visiting WA or until the licence or permit expires (whichever comes first).

Always carry your licence with you while driving.


Intend to live permanently or take up permanent residence in WA?

You must apply for a WA driver's licence within 3 months of becoming a WA resident or replace your interstate learner’s permit with a WA learner's permit.


Upgrade from a C-Class automatic licence to manual?

If you already hold an automatic licence, you don't have to initially get the learner's permit to practice. You will need to book in and pass a driving test again in a manual car to upgrade your licence. No further logbook hours required.


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