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"Martin was my instructor and he was cool, calm and collected, teaching me the best way to drive and giving me loads of helpful tips. His teaching gave me the knowledge to pass my test the first time!"
Scott Larson

"Excellent driving lessons and help with all the relevent information given to help pass your test. Martin is a great instructor"
Ryan Kezic

"Had 15+ lessons with Martin and it was very beneficial to helping me pass my manual test first go! Strongly recommend as he was great at hammering in the many different things to remember on the road to me as a learner, and helped me become much more comfortable in a manual car."
Sean Logan

"Martin has been my whole families driving instructor and we have all passed first time. An amazing instructor and would highly recommend!!"
Audrey Wilkins

"I recently upgraded my license from auto to manual and was lucky enough to land Martin as my driving instructor. Always extremely patient & calm with lots of positive reinforcements. He always did his best to make himself available and work around both our schedules. Can't thank him enough! Highly recommend."
Sheridan Cooper

"Martin was so incredibly helpful. His descriptions of tasks and how to carry them out are superb and he is consistently calm and willing to explain not only how to do something, but why. I would recommend Martin to anyone in the Western Suburbs area looking for an instructor."
Oscar Hegge

"Excellent driving school. I passed my test the first time driving manual. Everything I was shown was explained clearly and I was given some really good tips for the test. Shout out to Marty as well he was also excellent."

"Natalie, many thanks for your professional and encouraging tuition for my daughter. She improved markedly with your guidance and passed her test first time round."
Rob Griffiths

"My son used Natalie as an instructor and got his license on his first attempt. Just goes to show that the old urban myth about boys always failing on their first attempt comes down to how good the instructor is. My son right from his first lesson said he felt really comfortable with Natalie who always explained everything so he could easily understand it and suggested areas he should focus on. From a parents view Natalie was always on time, gave us feedback about his progress and what we should also focus on when we took him for lessons. Thanks Natalie you will see us again in a couple of years when his twin brothers are ready to learn to drive."
Kym Jeffs

"I drove about 3 lessons with Natalie. She was a wonderful instructor and i immediately felt comfortable around her. She gave me amazing tips that i didn't before get given at the driving school i previously used and these tips were extremely helpful for my test. i passed on my third go (i drove a manual car) and i'm really grateful for Nat's support throughout! would 100% recommend!"
Annabelle Michelon

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