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"I had a lady called Lori and I have to say, this lady was absolutely wonderful. I was very nervous and anxious and Lori was very patient with me. This was a huge step for me as I had let my driving licence lapse for a few years. You have an amazing instructor in Lori and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know.

Could you please pass on my utmost thanks to Lori and thank you so much for providing such a great service."
Jean, Perth

"I would like to thank Lorna so much for helping me to pass my driving  test! She taught me not only to get through a test but also to become a safe, independent driver. I greatly enjoyed lessons with Lorna and would recommend her to anyone."
Chloe, Mosman Park

"Many thanks to Lorna, I would not have passed first time without Lorna's cram no fuss way of teaching."
Julie, Rivervale

"I just want to say a great big thank you to my instructor Janis. She was great the whole way through. She was very helpful and whenever I did not understand something she went over it until I did. Thanks to her I am very confident at driving now and don't hesitate at roundabouts like I used to. I would highly recommend Janis."
Rebecca, Redcliffe

"Thank You Janis for all your guidance and help in assisting me through the transition from Automatic to obtaining my Manual license.

Our lessons have been a fun time (while still being focussed on the job) and most of all, the end result was a PASS. Now I am ready for a new manual car."
Rebecca, Wembley

"Thank you very much for teaching all our four children to drive - a heroic effort on your behalf! It probably saved our parent child relationships with all of them."
Janice & Gervase, Perth


Hi there,

 I am writing to thank your school for a great experience. My manual driving instructor, James, was a great instructor and I was really happy with his guidance.

 This morning I passed my test and I am really pleased with my experience driving manual and successfully converting my licence.

 I highly recommend James to future learner drivers, he is a great asset to your organisation.



Nicole Kirchlechner


A big thank you to Natalie for your patience & encouragement when instructing Kimble. You were a big hit & Kimble enjoyed driving with you. She really appreciated your calmness, knowledge & your ability to communicate so clearly & highly recommends Natalie to anyone learning to drive.

Mornay McKiever


Natalie was Abrahams driving instructor twice a week for a number of weeks before she took him to his driving test.She always arrived on time with a welcoming smile and Abe felt immediately at ease.He gained confidence after every lesson and became a good driver in a short time. Abe needed practice with parking and the gears to pass test, he passed at his first attempt so Nat did a great job.

We highly recommend Natalie as a driving instructor

Yours Sincerely

Vicki Potter

Vicki Potter


Hi Nat,

Thank you so much for your kindness and care from day one. Learning to drive a manual had its challenges and I really appreciated your support and insights throughout my lessons and ultimate success of my driving assessment. I would like to wish you the very best for the future.

Thank you.


Kirsty Straiton


David is a friendly instructor who was incredibly helpful to me. He took the time and had so much patience to correct errors and show the correct ways with driving and parking and made sure I was 100% prepared for the test. 



I want to say a big thank you to David, wonderful teacher always encouraged me to drive safely and pass my test. Would recommend him to anyone!



David is a fantastic driving instructor.  He is friendly, chatty and very patient.  I now feel very confident behind the wheel.  Thank you David!


"Honestly cannot thank you enough for everything, I really could not have done that without you! You are such a wonderful person, and I'm truly lucky to have met you and have you guide me through this! thank you thank you thank you xx Bella"

"Of course, I thought you were really good at pointing out little, crucial things and perfecting stuff that wasn't up to scratch. I liked how you demonstrated things instead of just telling me what to do. Thanks again Samera. Jacob"

"Samera, thank you for your fantastic guidance and patience. I would be more than happy to pass on your details and recommend you to new students, Linda."


Thank you Peter for teaching Daniel how to drive. Daniel was so pleased when he passed on his first attempt. I will be referring you to our friends. Thanks from Michelle.



Hi Peter. Thanks for getting George through his driving test. You've done another excellent job after teaching Alex. Your patience is legendary, Vinka.


"Teaching young adults of the Golden Triangle to drive isn't an easy feat. But the Western Suburbs Driving School does a pretty good job. I often see their black cars drive past and reminisce of when I was first learning to drive with the super friendly Rod, who I am quite sure knows more about driving than any other person ever. Rod owns the business, so if you get him, you know you're in good hands.

He taught me everything I needed to know, including some little extras to ensure that my driving test went smoothly, and that once I had my license, I wasn't one of those idiot drivers you seem to encounter on almost every road."
Leura M, Perth

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