Hi, my name is Push. In addition to being a qualified driving instructor since 2014, I’ve also worked for the Department of Transport as a Driving Assessor, facilitating hundreds of driving tests. I consider myself a specialist in my field, knowing all the requirements to not only pass your driving test but be a safe driver for life. My teaching experience is diverse, helping others from all walks of life and of varying skill levels. My approach with driving lessons is to first assess a learner’s skill level and then plan the lessons according to the individual’s needs. The most rewarding aspect of my work is that I feel I am making a valuable contribution. Not only am I helping others develop better skills, which will keep them safe and help grow in future, I am also helping the broader community. Before I became an instructor I worked as a chef for 13 years, working all over Australia. I’m passionate about driving, food and I love cooking for my friends and family.

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