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Bec A Automatic

I started teaching driving 2 years ago
I really enjoy the variety of students from 16 year olds through to more mature ages
I have a great repore with my students
One thing I love about my job is how everyone learns differently,so I teach to suit everyone’s individual needs
I also teach my students to be defensive drivers
It’s not enough to just pass their test!!
I want my students to be safe on the roads for their safety and the safety of others

Natalie A Automatic

My name is Natalie and I really enjoy been a Driving Instructor.  It is truly rewarding to teach each Student to drive and to see the excitement once they get the hang of it. As an Instructor I feel it is really important to not only teach all my Students to drive well. But to also be safe drivers on our roads.

David Lewin A Automatic

David has been driving for over thirty years in Australia and comes originally from a background in information technology and recruitment.  He has coached junior sport for over ten years and attended many coaching and training courses.  David is passionate about helping teach drivers to develop safe driving habits which will last them a lifetime.

Gary A Automatic

I enjoy teaching young people how to drive and to be safe and courteous on the road. I derive considerable satisfaction in watching them transition from nervous novice drivers, to skillful and competent road users.

Jas A Automatic

I have a real passion for teaching people to drive safely and find it a rewarding occupation. I have had a lot of experience in assisting people from new beginners, to international licence conversions, to refresher lessons. My learners complete their lessons with confidence, accuracy and most importantly with safe driving habits to last a lifetime. My philosophy is to ensure a smooth transition from Learners Permit to P's, aiming for a 100% pass rate in a relaxed, friendly, easy-going environment. I can quickly make others feel comfortable and stress-free. I think patience is the key to everything, especially driving. There is no better feeling than seeing my learners who have worked so hard, obtain their Ps and massive smile on their face.

Alex A Automatic

Hi, my name is Alex. I have gained my driving instructor qualification, in April 2019. I am looking to train drivers to be safe and confident in any situation. I believe in a proactive approach and I combine defensive driving techniques into my training. It's important to set goals and work towards them, this is what I do with each learner to help them to succeed. I am friendly, calm and very patient as I believe it is important to create a comfortable learning environment. I enjoy the challenges that each day presents to me, each day is different. I take great pleasure in knowing that I am changing people's lives. It is extremely rewarding when my students pass their driving test!

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